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You are more than what you've accomplished. You are your story.

   This is Preshona's.

preshona face.jpg

Preshona is an educator, organizer and creative in our big ol' planet. An East Bengali-American born in South-East Asia {Kolkata, West Bengal}, Preshona immigrated to the U.S., to Baltimore, Maryland, when she was 4 years old.

Growing up in neighborhoods of different cultures and incomes both within and outside of the U.S.(East Oakland, CA; East San Jose, CA; Southeast & Northeast DC; PG County, MD; Howard County, MD; San Salvador, El Salvador; Nogales, Mexico) Preshona became a passionate educator, performer, and activist to unite the divided around & within her.

In 2011, she started the One Love Movement (One Love = True Change Inc.) with fellow youth workers to spread co-operative economics, education and positive culture in and with communities of color.

Preshona loves to support folks passionate about the same:)

Currently, you can find her at Sankofa Homeschool Collective teaching her decolonized B.I.P.O.C- centered homeschool curriculum {Check out }, at the Community Grocery Co-Op, helping to start the first co-operatively owned grocery store in Washington D.C, and with the DC Environmental Justice Coalition, working to wake the People up to our Power!

She is known to be pretty quirky and yet quiet & reflective, randomly hilarious, always chill, loving, kind and passionate at the same time - and a firecracker if you got her messed up :)

Currently she is co-writing and directing a web series project called "DC's Environmental Justice Coalition!" on her work therein, followed by the prequel “How to Be Brown Like Me” based on her personal blog and about the lives of herself and her friends from Baltimore, DC, and the Bay Area, California.

She is pretty much pretty awesome. You should totally book her for stuff.

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