You are more than what you've accomplished. You are your story.

   This is Preshona's.

preshona face.jpg

Preshona is an East Bengali-American born in East Asia, in Kolkata, West Bengal. She immigrated to the U.S., to Baltimore, Maryland, when she was 4 years old. Growing up in neighborhoods of different cultures and incomes both within and outside of the U.S.(East Oakland, CA; East San Jose, CA; Southeast & Northeast DC; PG County, MD; Howard County, MD; San Salvador, El Salvador; Nogales, Mexico) Preshona became a passionate educator, performer, and activist to unite the divided around & within her. In 2011, she started the One Love Movement (One Love = True Change Inc.) with fellow youth workers to spread co-operative economics, education and positive culture in and with communities of color. Preshona loves to support folks passionate about the same:) Currently she is launching P.O.C- centered homeschool curriculum on She is known to be pretty quirky and yet quiet & reflective, randomly hilarious, always chill, kind and passionate at the same time - and a firecracker if you got her messed up. Currently she is co-writing and directing a sit-com project called “How to Be Brown Like Me” based on her personal blog - airing on Instagram this season - about the lives of herself and her friends from Baltimore, DC, and the Bay Area, California. She is pretty much pretty awesome.